We believe the best form of recommendation comes from those who have used our services. Below are a selection of genuine testimonials taken from our patients.  Many testimonials won’t have full names published to respect patient confidentiality:

Dear Giovanni, I just wanted to thank you so much for your kind understanding and your informative consultation.  You managed in an hour to answer all my middle-aged fears and questions regarding my hair loss and I will certainly follow your helpful advice especially in managing my seborrhoeic eczema.

Thank you also for the two interesting leaflets which just reinforced our discussion.

Carole (Ipswich)

Giovanni, I just wanted to say thank you for your help. You have been very tolerant of my daily emails! Your advice has really helped me and I feel much calmer now knowing that I won’t go bald! I will continue to use the treatment.

Mrs T. (Norwich)

I have suffered with extensive scalp psoriasis for many years, and tried a very wide range of treatments along the way. I was recommended to Giovanni by a friend who is also a patient. After a ten week course of treatment, along with some cream and shampoo to use at home, my scalp psoriasis has almost completely gone. I know it hasn’t been cured, but with the treatment that was recommended it has never been so good.

Mr R. (Ipswich)

I am writing to thank Ipswich Trichology for helping me through on of the most stressful periods I have ever been through! I had been told by my GP that hair loss at my age was normal and to be expected. After a very thorough initial consultation with Giovanni, he diagnosed a stress-related telogen effluvium. Six months of monthly treatment sessions followed, and my hair loss has not only stabilised but is now beginning to thicken up again. With Giovanni’s help and treatment my hair is thicker and healthier than before. Congratulations on the new clinic!

Mrs D. (Woodbridge)

I’ve had scalp problems for at least 6 years now (plus eczema on my body since childhood) and in February 2013 finally saw a dermatologist on the NHS who diagnosed dry scalp – I was so relieved it wasn’t psoriasis that I failed to ask any other questions and was told to stop all Tar extract shampoos as they were drying the scalp even more and to use moisturiser treatments.

By May 2013 I was at my wits end. I had tried the dermatologists recommendations and continued to shed dry scalp all over myself and anything I was sitting on. It became increasingly hard to mask the symptoms at work and I felt ashamed and unclean. All I wanted was to have no skin loss / dandruff so I didn’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe in white or cream.

I happened to see an advert in a local paper for the Tricology clinic in Ipswich (where I work) and after some internet searching decided to book a consultation figuring it might be cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe if a little less fun!. I must have been one of Giovanni’s most sceptical customers and I made sure I quizzed him thoroughly about his qualifications and experience. He talked knowledgeably and recognised that I had tried all prescribable and most over the counter as well as some homeopathic treatments for scalp problems. He diagnosed scalp eczema with pityriasis in places and said my scalp was thick with crusting.

I think the over riding feeling after that initial assessment with Giovanni was relief – that I was able to share the problem- I no longer had to try wacky ideas from the internet. One of the issues with scalp problems is that its very difficult to self treat or even inspect the area so to have someone (albeit it for money) undertake to look thoroughly at my scalp and to help me to treat it was such an enormous relief that it became worth every penny.

I had 8 treatments in total and initially struggled to see any improvement but I had decided to have at least 6 treatments (everything you read about it says it can take 6 weeks for scalp treatments to work) which were spread out from May to early July because of availability around work and my social life! Each treatment involved dabbing a tar mix on the affected areas – at the beginning it was my whole head – and then under a steamer for 20 minutes followed by having it shampooed out and then re inspected. It felt wonderful if a little pongy!

I had to have a month between treatment 7 and my final one because I was away on holiday. I started the month with dread wondering if I would manage that amount of time without having to call up for a treatment. After 3 weeks my dermatology review at the hospital was due and I bounced into the clinic and proudly showed the doctor my scalp which no longer shed dry skin at the merest turn of my head. He acknowledged that I had on my list every available treatment and was very interested in Trichology and the wonders it had worked for me. He recommended that I continue to access treatments that appeared to work for me (i.e. Giovanni’s) and that he review me in 6 months to see how it faired in the winter.

My final Number 8 treatment was more about Giovannis wedding and my experience with the dermatologist than it was my scalp – which he said was nearly clear now of dryness. I know I shall need it again in the future – but I shan’t let it get so bad again and now I haven’t got a complete crust of scale the treatments I usually use are working again.

I can’t recommend Giovanni and Trichology enough. He’s understanding and knowledgeable about scalp conditions and mixed with a lovely interesting personality he is a pleasure to spend an hour with each week. The additional benefit that my head now doesn’t shed skin everywhere makes me a great fan.

Thank you.

Clare Robins