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Due to the national lockdown restrictions we have temporarily closed the clinic for face-to-face services, however, we are still operating an online service – including for initial consultation.

If you have a query of any nature, would like to book an appointment or require any repeat treatments to be posted out to you please call 01473 400034 or email directly to:

Following the Government announcement on the easing of lockdown, our clinic will be open again for face-to-face appointments from Monday 12th April. If you would prefer a clinic appointment, please contact us to arrange an appointment for after this date. Due to high demand, we are currently accepting appointments for the week commencing 29th April.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Please follow the Government guidelines and stay safe…


During the national lockdown we are offering our consultation services online. This will usually be conducted as an arranged video call (via Zoom) with our trichologist Giovanni De Lellis MIT. The video consultation will follow the same format as our usual face-to-face appointments, and we will  take a detailed case history about your hair or scalp concerns, general health, family history, lifestyle, medications and diet with the aim of reaching diagnosis and being able to offer suitable personalised advice.

In our usual face-to-face initial consultations we normally conduct a thorough clinical hair and scalp examination to confirm diagnosis, however, with our online consultation this will be an arranged follow-up appointment in clinic at a later date to confirm any diagnosis, once Government guidelines allow us to safely re-open the clinic.

Our online consultation fee is £120 & includes the follow up visit at a later date. Online appointments are available with us Monday – Saturday from 9am-6pm. 

To arrange your appointment get in touch with us today by emailing